Tom Bailey

Top 10 most popular investment trusts – September 2019

Scottish Mortgage has once again topped the list of the most bought investment trusts, according to the latest data from interactive investor (Money Observer’s parent company).

The global, technology-focused investment trust has seen a significant slip in performance lately, with the share price down 11% since the start of August.

When it comes to investing - change never stops

Publicly listed companies have a limited lifespan. Eventually, they fall victim to competition, are taken over or see their business model become obsolete as a consequence of some technological or regulatory development, or simply changing fashion. Similarly, certain sectors come to dominate for a while before fading, and new technologies and trends lead to the rise and fall of particular industries over time.

Woodford fund forced to reduce value of holdings

In more bad news for fund manager Neil Woodford, his investment trust, Woodford Patient Capital, has been forced to write down the value of three more of its unlisted holdings.

According to a filing with the London Stock Exchange, the board of Woodford Patient Capital announced that it had been ordered by Link Fund Solutions to reduce the valuation of three unlisted companies.