Tony Yarrow

Three ways to profit from British sell-off

As the final act of the Brexit saga approaches, investors are still locked in a state of perpetual uncertainty. We cannot know what will unfold, but what businesses are continually telling the government is how difficult is it to plan in the current environment. Brexit is the moment when we will receive some clarity, for better or worse, and UK company managers will once again be able to start making plans.

10 reasons to choose investment trusts

A closed-ended fund, or investment trust, is a limited company listed on the stockmarket. It has a corporate structure, with an independent board who appoint the fund manager. Its shares are traded on the stockmarket. Someone who wishes to invest, buys shares from an investor who wishes to sell, while someone who wishes to sell can do so only if there is a willing buyer.

Why are investors avoiding the opportunities that Brexit presents?

One of the timeless truths about investment is that retail investors arrive too late in a market rally.

Over decades of investing, I have often witnessed investors leaving markets at the point of maximum opportunity, for example, during the global financial crisis, and now it looks as though UK investors are avoiding the opportunity offered to them by Brexit.

Are ‘tortoise stocks’ poised to win the race in 2019?

As the stockmarket’s super-speedy growth hares roll over, something small, with a dark shape and domed top, is slowly approaching – a tortoise. Finally, it looks as if all the forgotten “tortoise stocks” that investors gave up on years ago, have started catching up as market conditions change.