Capital Conserver

This portfolio ran from April 2017 until 2019.

Purposeful Portfolio: Autumn gales roll back gains, but capital is sheltered

Many investors might have forgotten what stock market volatility feels like until recently. Indeed, those who started their investment journey within the past 10 years will not previously have experienced sustained (historically pretty normal) volatility. However, October 2018 brought the first notable sell-off in global stock markets for years, hitting investors’ portfolios and dragging down returns. Even the professionals were not immune to the damage.

Purposeful Portfolios: Capital Conserver - shaky sterling poses a problem

Rob Morgan was tasked with building a portfolio which would protect investors’ cash in times of uncertainty, and provide some growth if the going was good. The first four months have provided a political challenge that should have put it through its paces, with a UK general election, a French election and countless changes to the US administration, though in practice markets have continued to take such events in their stride. After four months, the portfolio is up 1.8 per cent, with an average yield among its holdings of 2.5 per cent.

Purposeful Portfolios: Capital Conserver - introducing our 'safety first' portfolio

Introducing the first of a new set of four £100,000 portfolios - Capital Conserver.

Rob Morgan is usually something of a ‘gung-ho’ investor. Still in his 30s, the investment analyst at Charles Stanley Direct has the time – and the risk appetite – to ride out ups and downs in the market for his own investments.

But not everyone can stomach the idea of sending their savings on a rollercoaster ride. We have taken Morgan out of his comfort zone and tasked him with running our cautious Capital Conserver portfolio.