How using an inheritance for good means less tax

Every year, millions of people around the UK give their time and money to help others.

Our own research shows that charities are set for a significant windfall as one in eight millennials who expect to receive an inheritance of more than £50,000 have already decided that they want to pass some of it on to charitable causes. 

Ask Money: how does IHT work in relation to legacies to charities?

October 27, 2018

Leaving cash to charity

Can you please tell me how inheritance tax works in relation to legacies to charities? I do not have a spouse or children and the value of my estate will exceed £325,000. Am I able to leave up to £325,000 to individuals and the remainder to charities without incurring liability to IHT? 
J. Runham, Northants

12 ways to help charities this Christmas

Christmas isn't just about festivities - charity has historically been an important part of Christmas, with churches leaving alms boxes for poorer parishioners on Boxing Day. This was also the day the wealthier classes let their staff home to see their families with a gift box of food.