Where next for oil, gold and other metals in 2020?

This piece was written in December 2019.

If geopolitical developments had the effect on equity markets that’s so often feared, recent years might have been much more volatile. But while the investment implications of political and macroeconomic turbulence are frequently overestimated, their impact on commodity prices can be a different matter.

Long driven by the fundamentals of supply and demand, commodity markets are increasingly shaped by factors such as policy change, trade disputes, political tensions and the response to climate change concerns.

Gold hits seven-year high, following rise in geopolitical tensions

On 3 January, the United States launched an airstrike that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. Both a key military and political figure in Iran, said to be the second most powerful person in the country, Soleimani’s death has ratcheted up regional tensions, with Iran vowing retaliation.

Gold investing: is it too late to join the party?

Over the past few decades, investors have operated with a background of certain assumptions: that governments would put the interests of the economy first, that capitalism was assured and that globalisation was inevitable. Increasingly, those assumptions are being undermined – and as they have evaporated, so has the idea of what constitutes a “safe” asset.

‘Digital gold’ bullion product set to shake up gold market

‘Digital gold’ bullion product set to shake up gold market

The DGLD “digital gold” token, slated to start trading imminently, is backed by gold bullion held in Swiss vaults and runs on top of an infrastructure that leverages the bitcoin network to record transaction history.

Coinshares has partnered with MKS, a Swiss leader in bullion storage and fabrication and London-based, one of the oldest crypto wallet providers in the industry with arguably the largest active wallet infrastructure.

Money Observer podcast: Election 2019, gold, and 10 funds for children

November 21, 2019

Money Observer editor Faith Glasgow and deputy editor Kyle Caldwell discuss some of the issues raised in the December edition of the magazine, choosing their favourite fund among 10 suggested by experts as sensible options for grandchildren.

As well as reviewing which predictions made by experts for 2019 came true and which failed to materialise, they look forward to the general election and what this could mean for your investments and personal finances.

How to strike a better balance in an era of lower returns

A balanced investment portfolio of around half in shares and half in bonds has historically served investors well by producing inflation-beating returns while protecting capital to some extent during turbulent times. However, with the outlook for both asset classes looking precarious, this strategy has lost much of its appeal.