Money Observer Portfolios

Our Model Portfolios are built and maintained using our shortlist of around 260 Money Observer Rated Funds, which have been selected for their consistency of returns and high quality. Find out more about Rated Funds here.

Looking for a hassle-free ready-made portfolio to fit your risk profile, goal and time frame? One of our 12 model portfolios should meet your needs. Set up in 2012 to make it easier for ordinary people to set up and run their own well-balanced portfolio, they have produced annualised total returns of up to 22% (as of May 2018).

Choose between medium-risk or higher-risk portfolios. For each risk profile, the income choices aim to provide either immediate, balanced or growing income, while the growth options focus on a short, medium or long-term timescale. They are fully reviewed each February, with quarterly updates.

  • We have a model for your situation
  • All our research and analysis focused on your investment goals
  • Follow our regular reviews to help manage your investment decisions

Growth or income?

  • Growth portfolios

    Medium or higher risk?

    Short, medium or long term?

    • short-term growth, medium risk


    • short-term growth, higher risk


    • medium-term growth, medium risk


    • medium-term growth, higher risk


    • long-term growth, medium risk


    • long-term growth, higher risk


  • Income portfolios

    Medium or higher risk?

    Immediate, balanced or rising income?

    • immediate income, medium risk


    • immediate income, higher risk


    • balanced income, medium risk


    • balanced income, higher risk


    • growing income, medium risk


    • growing income, higher risk