Oil price posts biggest ever spike

The price of oil saw its biggest intraday jump following attacks on several key Saudi Arabian oil processing facilities.

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia's pivotal Abqaiq processing facility and Khurais oil field were attacked. In response, oil prices initially spiked by 20% when markets opened. Since then, the price has receded slightly, but prices are still around 10% up from the market’s open.

Commodities: will it be a strong 2019?

Commodity prices across the spectrum are down at least 20% from their 52-week highs, but could rebound sharply in 2019, if concern over slowing economic growth and the trade war between the US and China lifts.

Gold-oil ratio at 124-year high

The gap between the price of gold and oil has reached its widest margin since 1892. Is this a good trade to exploit over the longer term?