stocks and shares Isa

Notes from a nervous investor: how I got started

I’m in my 30s and started investing – by which I mean I opened a stocks and shares Isa – a few months ago. What took you so long, experienced investors might wonder. It’s simple – I lacked knowledge about the investment options out there, and I had little understanding of the concept of risk. Also, I will admit to fulfilling a stubborn stereotype: I thought investing was only for people who already had shedloads of money.

Which is the best Isa for my age group?

Individual Savings Accounts (Isas) are a useful way to stash up to £20,000 each tax year in a wrapper the taxman can’t touch. They remain popular with savers, who poured a record £608 billion into adult Isas in 2017/18. But the focus is shifting. With interest rates on cash Isas pitifully low and the personal savings allowance exempting most people from paying tax on their savings, cash Isas’ popularity has waned, while inflows into stocks and shares Isas have hit new highs.