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Take time to examine the economic evolution in emerging markets

Maintaining perspective matters, particularly when we consider emerging markets. Despite ongoing US-China trade discussions, intra-emerging markets trade has blossomed in recent years with China replacing the US as the largest export destination for other emerging markets as a whole.

However, there has also been positive developments in other emerging markets that have flown under the radar.

Climate change-aware investors need to blend sense and sustainability

Through the jangling noise of politicians arguing over Brexit in the coming weeks, you might just about hear discussion about climate change. Regardless of how optimistic you are that your chosen party will fulfil any environmental promises, you may feel that putting a cross in a box is insufficient. Increasingly, people are looking to use their investments to make a difference. However, it is more complex than it may seem.

Trade worries distract from hard truths

Markets will have been looking towards this week with a certain amount of dread. Britain was supposed to have exited the EU on 31 October – for better or for worse – and we were expected to be dealing with the fallout. The can, however, has been kicked down the road once more.

Profit and principle: how to combine money and morals for investors today

With more than £24 trillion in assets globally, an increase of 34% in just two years, it is unsurprising that environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment dominates headlines. In an industry that is predicted to continue to grow significantly between now and 2025, there are countless options for investors who have a desire to invest in line with their conscience.

Six scary charts to spook investors on Halloween

Financial markets can be a scary place for investors. The US economy is now in its longest expansion on record, the world is seeing record levels of total debt, and now even some corporate bonds have negative yields.

If you’ve carved a pumpkin, got your Halloween costume and been to see the latest scary film, there’s only one thing left to do: take a look at the Bond Vigilantes team’s 2019 Scary Charts.

Ninety years after the Wall Street Crash: is it time to stock up on quality?

Ninety years on from the Wall Street Crash, investors across the US and globally have learned to apply a cautiously optimistic approach to investing. After a period of continued share price growth, it was easy to believe that it could continue forever. When the Depression struck, many were caught out by not a having a strategy in place to succeed in a severe market downturn.

A stock for those searching for growth in the UK markets

In a world of generally low interest rates and slowing growth, there has been a rush to invest in companies that can increase sales and profits. The UK market is often seen as a poor cousin to the US, especially when it comes to availability of growth, and there are elements of truth to this.   

Looking at the composition of the FTSE 100 index, financials comprise approximately 19% of the index, consumer staples 18%, energy 16%, healthcare 11%, industrials 10%, and metals and mining 9%.