What are Money Observer Rated Funds?

Money Observer's Rated Funds are a mark of quality. They are a range of investment funds and investment trusts presented in easy-to-understand asset class groups. Our aim is to help private investors to pinpoint funds and trusts with consistent returns against a peer group or benchmark, or those which we believe are good choices in the current investment environment.

For an introduction to Rated Funds, take a look at the short video above by Rated Funds editor Andrew Pitts.

You can find out more about Rated Funds, including the rationale behind them, the methodology, the Rated Fund asset groups and their constituents, and the icons used on the Rated Funds pages by clicking on the links below.

The list of Rated Funds is monitored regularly and any funds under review are listed on the link below. Finally, for some ideas as to how the funds can be effectively combined, please click on the Model Portfolios link.